Alessandro d'Episcopo pianist

J.M. Rhythm Four

  • Juerg Morgenthaler: Alto Sax, Clarinet
  • Alessandro d’Episcopo: Piano
  • Roman Dylag: Bass
  • Pius Baschnagel: Drums

One of the Biggest Little Bands of Switzerland

J.M. Rhythm Four

Juerg Morgenthaler’s J.M. Rhythm Four is one of those rare Swiss bands that has dedicated itself since its founding nearly 20 years ago, with ever-greater success, to the classic brand of jazz. Today this quartet is judged by many leading jazz critics to be among the best stylistically that Switzerland has to offer in the genres of mainstream, bebop and post-bop jazz.

This compact little band is known for its distinctive arrangements and interpretations of the songs of the great jazz composers - as well as for the band’s own compositions, which include all of the ingredients needed to become jazz standards themselves. The unique artistic signature, the strong harmonic flavor and the virtuosity of their stage presence - all marks of quality that very few groups in this country apart from the J.M. Rhythm Four can claim.

Jazz connoisseurs are consistently surprised with a repertoire that never stops developing, and instead presents something new each year. It’s hardly surprising, then, that many event organizers have already discovered that the J.M. Rhythm Four is a sure bet to deliver club concerts and gala events that are as successful artistically as they are commercially.



Concerts and tours

Tuesday, 21 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, KKL, Lucerne, Luzerner Saal - 19:30

Wednesday, 22 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, KKL Seebar, Lucerne - 18:30-19:15 and 21.30-23:45

Thursday, 23 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, Hotel Wilden Mann - 19:00 - 22:00

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