Alessandro d'Episcopo pianist

Elmar Frey Sextett

  • Daniel Schenker (trumpet)
  • Christoph Grab (saxes)
  • Stefan Schlegel (trombone)
  • Alessandro d’Episcopo (piano)
  • Daniel Fricker (bass)
  • Elmar Frey (drums,comp, arr)

Elmar Frey Sextett

Comprised of well know musicians in the Swiss jazz scene, the Elmar Frey Sextett enlarges the jazz landscape with something wich is rare both locally and abroad: A band with several horns dedicated to timeless, grooving jazz with a bluesy touch. Full wind sounds, strong soloists and a hard-swinging rhythm section.


Concerts and tours

Friday, 18 August

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Lugano, Parco Ciani - 20:00

Saturday, 26 August

Hämi Hämmerli Quartet

Chedi, Andermatt - 20:00

Roland von Flüe: sax

Alessandro d'Episcopo: p

Hämi Hämmerli: b

Elmar Frey: dr

Thursday, 14 September


Kulturkeller LaMarotte, Affoltern am Albis - 20:15

Stefan Schlegel: trombone

Alessandro d'Episcopo: piano

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