Alessandro d'Episcopo pianist

Alessandro d'Episcopo Trio

  • Alessandro d’Episcopo, Piano
  • Hämi Hämmerli, Double-Bass
  • Elmar Frey, Drums

Alessandro d’Episcopo  Trio

The Alessandro d’Episcopo Trio is the fruit of the deeply intuitive harmony, which the three musicians have experienced at the occasion of playing together at numerous Gigs and Jam sesssions.
Each one of them has his very own style, formed by his own history and culture, which - when playing together - translates into an integrated whole.

Italian, most particularly Neapolitan, compositions as well as individual compositions and Jazz Standards are the source of the Trio’s improvized excursions and stories.
When improvizing all the dynamic and emotional borders are being searched out and the rhythmic and harmonious framework disregarded, but the original compositions are still discernible.

Alessandro d’Episcopo is an Altrisuoni recording artist.

Elmar Frey

Elmar Frey is regarded as one of the few Swiss drummers who has dedicated himself entirely to the «American way of playing» jazz. His swinging drive and musical sensitivity make him a much sought after accompanist for many local and international jazz leaders. Drawing his stylistical inspiration from hard bop and soul jazz, Frey has developed an original musical personality.

Hämi Hämmerli

Born in 1953, Hämi Hämmerli has been a freelance musician 1978. He has played and/or recorded with a wide range of musicians, including Franco Ambrosetti, Bennie Wallace, Mike Mossman, Bobby Watson, Charlie Mariano, Ernie Wilkins, Bennie Bailey, Walter Bishop Jr., Albert Mangelsdorff, Pierre Favre, Art Lande, Lauren Newton, Ed Neumeister, Larry Schneider and practically everybody here in the Swiss jazz scene. He is interested in a wide range of playing situations from jazz to improvisation, taking in, at times, elements of fusion and latin music.


Concerts and tours

Tuesday, 21 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, KKL, Lucerne, Luzerner Saal - 19:30

Wednesday, 22 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, KKL Seebar, Lucerne - 18:30-19:15 and 21.30-23:45

Thursday, 23 November

Alessandro d'Episcopo Solo Piano

Piano Off-Stage Festival, Hotel Wilden Mann - 19:00 - 22:00

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